16 April, 2003

Frog Baseball

Boys buy potato gun. Boys tire of potatoes. Boys use frogs instead. Boy has frog fired into face while looking into the business-end of the gun.

I'd love to feel sorry for this kid, but well...don't fire fucking frogs out of a potato gun. And if you see other dumbass kids doing it, call the fucking authorities.

"We've been telling him we're going to do the best for him," Lisa Berry said. "He can still be a man, he can still be independent with this disability."

Yeah, you keep thinking that. Kid is going to be going through life known as the guy blinded by a frog fired out of a potato gun. Might as well move to another country.


  1. If you a big enough idiot to fire a frog out of a potato gun, you deserve to get hit in the face with it. It's horrible that he's blind because of this, but what he was doing in the first place was plain cruel. I don't understand how he hit himself in the face with the gun though... and if he had been using the potatoes like he was supposed to be using, he'd be dead.

  2. Assuming, of course, that using potatoes would have also caused the potato gun to misfire. As stupid as potato guns are, and as stupid as looking straight into the business-end of one is, I'm not sure the gun would have misbehaved had they continued to use it with potatoes.