04 April, 2003

Give it a Rest

Yes, I get it. Some people don't like the French. Fine. Whatever. Get over yourselves. And stop getting antsy over the damn food.

Organizers of an upcoming lecture series on French impressionism debated not serving croissants at the event, fearing anti-France sentiment would keep people away.

Here's my theory: If someone is going to a lecture about FRENCH impressionism, odds are they aren't going to be simple-minded enough to care whether your serve French food. I know, I know. "James and his wacky ideas...where does he get them?"

1 comment:

  1. "There was a general feeling that we could take that risk, that there will be croissants," Turner said.That's my favorite line. When did a freaking piece of puffed pastry become a "risk?" Is that the best they can manage?