08 April, 2003


silverwingdc: k, all this time off, and no fucking blog posts?
jgumby314: yeah,i've been SICK
jgumby314: this isn't just taking a few days off.
silverwingdc: You can type, bitch
jgumby314: i also have this desire to type at least somewhat coherently in my blog
silverwingdc: Why start now?
jgumby314: bite my shiny, metal ass, fleshbag
silverwingdc: heh

And then later:

gatlouca: no new blogging?
jgumby314: i'll tell you what i just told chris: i've been SICK
gatlouca: yeah... so?
jgumby314: you know, you'll go days without posting something new. so i'm not hearing it from you
gatlouca: *grin*
gatlouca: yeah, but not when i'm close to a 'puter.

Part of me is annoyed. Another part of me is amused that my friends practically froth at the mouth when it's more than 24 hours between updates.

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