29 April, 2003


Really, I swear I'm not obsessed with JLo. Really! I'M NOT!

But damnit, this woman is just too easy (ha!) to write about. Honestly, I think that given several weeks of concentration, I could not come up with funnier things to say about her than what she does in real life. Latest in the saga: her prenup agreement with BFleck

Note: I heard about this on the radio. I don't usually go perusing teenhollywood.com to find stories. Honest!

According to reports, if Ben-from-Berkeley cheats on Jenny-from-the-block:

  • JLo keeps all of the property they've jointly purchased
  • JLo gets half of the money Ben makes while they're married (and as he's currently one of the most overpaid actors, that's some serious bank)
  • JLo gets custody of any children they might have
  • Ben gets...absolutely no visitation rights to those children

If JLo should have the cheating heart, Ben gets:

  • Squat

I would just like to go on record and state that if this account should happen to be true, and Mr. Affleck should happen to sign it, not only will he be the stupidest person in the world, he will also be the most pussy-whipped person in the world. Such a distinction.


  1. If he actually signs that thing, then we wants a swift kick around the head.