29 April, 2003

Mr. Shearer

Harry Shearer, prolific actor and the man behind many of the voices on the Simpsons, gets it. What is it, you say? He gets what the record industry is doing wrong:

Nobody, let's remember, twisted the arms of the record and movie industries into focusing their product and their marketing muscle almost single-mindedly (if that's not being too generous) on people in their teens and early 20's.


As events have proved, there is one crucial problem with this demographic cohort: it has much more time than money.

Ding ding ding!

The problem is a crappy, over-priced product marketed to people without a lot of money. Why is it that everyone else besides the music industry can see this?

Give me the kind of music I want to listen to, cut a couple of dollars out of your profit margin (you can stop screaming poverty, BTW), and I'll gladly start buying more new CDs. Until then, I'll keep giving my money to Second Spin and various local used shops.

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