22 April, 2003

Okay, Buh-Bye

Apparently, the Bay Area is some kind of utopia. If I ever decide to visit, I will be sorely disappointed when the faucets don't dispense milk and honey.

Might the liberation of the Bay Area unlock similar positive change? Think of the model social legislation that a Bay Nation could enact: bans on guns altogether, full legalization of same-sex unions, an expansion of public television and radio, complete decriminalization of marijuana, basic health care for all, environmental protections that would be the envy of North America.

All very good ideas. But here's an even better idea: Work to bring that to the rest of America. I know, it's hard to deal with, but you guys are saddled with the rest of us uncouth, unsophisticated and moronic Americans. You might as well work to improve everything, instead of just running off to do your own thing.

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