24 April, 2003

Rise Up

This is a call to arms, patriots. Drought. Starvation. Fear. Uncertainty. Disease. These are members of the oppressive regime of Ethiopia currently in power over 12.6 million people. Do we only give a damn about Iraqi's under the thumb of Saddam Hussein? Why should we stop there? Shouldn't we try to grant freedom to everybody in the world?

Stand up, Americans, and do your part. Imagine the joy as people are able to eat nutritious meals, and drink sanitary water once more. Don't you want to see that, "IN OUR NAME"? Many people say Americans are selfish and lazy. Let's prove them wrong.

Freedom and prosperity for all!


  1. does ethiopia have oil? or maybe a possibility of WMD?

  2. damnit, we are americans! we care not about these things. are we in iraq because of oil or WMD? no! we're there to free those poor, oppressed iraqis! yay us!speak not of oil. we will help ethiopia because we care. a lot.right?