30 April, 2003

The News

All the news that fits:

Video rumored to show Bush daughter naked. As long as it's not Jeb's daughter.

Waste not wasted in Ethiopia. Hrm. Maybe I'll start doing this with my garden. Who wants a tomato?!

Virginia boosts anti-spam laws. Hormel Foods reportedly unhappy with turn of events.

Rumsfeld flies to Baghdad. As if lobbing missiles at the Iraqis wasn't enough?

First Bali bomb suspect charged. Madonna. Cher. Amrozi. Siefried. Roy. You've really got to watch out for those people with only one name.

Berlusconi blasts court for jailing ally. Not an interesting story, but the picture from the article amused me:
Silvio BerlusconiRon Jeremy

Weapons doubters 'will eat words'. Mr. Blair then went on to confuse those in attendance by closing his remarks with "San Dimas High School football rules!"

Spammers and virus writers unite. "Yes, that's right. Everybody get together. Good, good. A little closer. Yes, right there, on those concentric circles. Excellent. Now, hold still. This will only hurt for a while."

Record industry warns 'online pirates'. "Citrus fruits help to prevent scurvy. Why won't you people listen?!" Oh. Online pirates. Yar! My bad.

Work Still on Target For Mixing Bowl. And VDOT seems quite pleased with its progress. Of course, VDOT's benchmark is the Big Dig.

Bush, GOP Consider Ways to Fight AIDS. Let's see. Condoms or abstinence. I wonder which method they'll choose?