23 April, 2003

True Love

It's good to know there's always hope. Or at least, The Onion thinks so:

Dysfunctional Singles Find Each Other
BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI - After nearly 10 years of searching, clingy, neurotic Ryan Dollett, 31, has finally found his soulmate in passive-aggressive, emotionally distant Amy Sunderland, 28, sources reported Monday. "I want to be with Amy every single second, I just love her so much," Dollett said. "She has so many amazing qualities, but I think the best is the way she never challenges me." Said Sunderland: "Ryan is quite the catch. I'm sure once we're married, I'll grow to love everything about him, even the terrible way he dresses."

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  1. no... will not touch this one.... no... must not...