14 May, 2003

Add a Pinch of Soul

Feeling a little too white? Realize that all of your friends are of the caucasian persuasion? Just a cracker who doesn't have a clue about black folk?

Why not try Rent-a-negro.com?

Who is this rent-a-negro?

damali ayo has a lifetime of experience in the field. As a child she introduced black perspectives into her school, expertly answering persistent questions about black history, hair, culture, and politics. This work continued throughout her adolescent and adult life and today she continues to be a resource among colleagues, in educational settings, even among friends. Her skills at fielding a standard range of questions and conversations have become so fine-tuned, some have described it as "art." Trained at the best schools, (Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. and Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island) she displays remarkable comfort in predominantly white settings. She fits right in even as she stands out!

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