29 May, 2003

All About Language


The fast food giant launched it's claim against Edoardo Raspelli yesterday after he branded its fries "obscene and tasting of paper."


McDonald's, which serves millions of hamburgers worldwide every day, took action after reading his comments in an Italian newspaper.

Prosecutor Alessandro Facchino said: "What he said harmed my client's reputation and the claims are completely false.

"The fries that are said to taste of paper are thrown away within five minutes of being cooked if they have not been served and the oil is changed regularly."

Notice that the lawyer for McDonald's never actually denies that the fries taste like paper.


  1. And anyone who thinks that McD's actually throws away unserved fries after 5 minutes hasn't been in a McDonald's late at night.In fact, I've *never* seen them dump out fries.

  2. I agree with Health... i've NEVER seen a mcdonalds throw away fries.. good to hear they change their oil regularly *ugh*
    want cheap, disgusting food FAST?!?! then go to mcdonalds... want something better? go ANYWHERE else. and i mean ANYWHERE :)