22 May, 2003

American Idle

24 million people voted for the winner of American Idol last night. 24 million people. In contrast, 105,586,274 votes were cast in the last presidential election. Grah!

Is this what we need to increase voter turn out for our general elections? Some frosty-haired twink running around on stage, badgering us about the candidates? A panel of annoying, acerbic has-beens and wanna-bes to comment on the contestants? The ability to SMS your vote for president?

I'm starting to think that we as a country are getting the representation we deserve, if not picked.

But on to the fun parts of the article:

Both stars-in-the-making had claimed they felt optimistic during Tuesday's concert finale as they looked ahead to the outcome, saying it was in God's hands.

Yes, I can just imagine God, sitting on his throne in heaven, sweating bullets over who will win American Idol. That would certainly expalin why the rest of the planet is going straight into the shitter. He's paying too much attention to FOX!

"Everybody in this competition is a winner," Studdard said.

I suspect that's what the teacher standing at the front of the short bus says about her students, as well.


  1. how many of those 24 million american idol voters do you think were 18 or over?

  2. When the last gernal election was on in the UK, less people voted for that than they did for big brother.

  3. To be fair, American Idol lets each person vote multiple times (if they so wish). I am sure if we let registered voters vote as many times as they wanted to we would have much higher turnout. In other news... this would allow those dead voters to get the rest they have earned!