15 May, 2003

FOX This Fall

FOX has announced their new fall lineup.

Fastlane was cancelled. Gee, what a surprise. Y'know, if that sort of show really worked, we'd still be watching Miami Vice.

The new stuff looks fairly pedestrian. Hopefully Eliza Dushku's show will be interesting. Although that just relegates it to being moved around the schedule, and then cancelled due to low ratings.

And best of all, Joe Millionaire will be back! Oh boy! Of course, how is completely beyond me. I did not watch any of it, but I know the premise. And something like that can certainly work...once. But when everyone knows about it, how can you actually find a group of people who aren't going to be suspicious at the circumstances of them meeting a newly-wealthy bachelor?


  1. Never underestimate the power of greed over rationality.

  2. My theory is they started taping before the first one aired.