16 May, 2003


According to IMDB:

...In the posters sanctioned by Miramax, the hunky star can be seen flashing a peace sign with the tagline "Steal all you can steal" underneath. However, some Americans have taken exception to the poster. A source at the studio reveals, "The poster is clearly intended to be satirical, but a number of people have objected to Phoenix's flashing the peace sign, which is being interpreted as a decidedly anti-war gesture. People are also objecting to the tagline's insinuation that some solders' ultimate cause may be less patriotic than ridding the world of Saddam Hussein."[Emphasis added]

Obviously, it was all about ridding the world of Saddam Hussein.

Can you imagine what it's been like for those soldiers? More than 20 years worth of atrocities committed by the Butcher of Baghdad. All of those innocent Iraqi civilians killed. The mass graves. The prisons. Damn! It must have laid heavy on the heart of every soldier who went to Iraq.

All those years of keeping their emotions in check. Carefully training and waiting for the day when they could finally liberate the Iraqi people. I'm sure many of them were just itching to go as soon as they possibly could, knowing that every day they waited, meant more innocent Iraqis were going to die.

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