09 May, 2003

PC Police

For the love of god, won't SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

The state of California, the biggest buyer of education textbooks in America, has instructed publishers not to include references to unhealthy foods such as "french fries, coffee, bacon, butter, ketchup and mayonnaise".


Meanwhile the Irish-American policeman, a favourite stereotype in 20th century American story-telling, is to be written out of history. Not only the Left is having an impact on American classrooms. References to dinosaurs are being excised because they raise questions about evolution which offend the religious Right.

The educational publisher, AIR, now lists "dinosaur" in its glossary of banned words. All references in stories to fossils and dinosaurs must be substituted by "animals of long ago".

"Animals of long ago"? What in the wide, wide world of sports is this?! Okay, news flash for everyone: Dinosaurs existed! I don't care if you want to dispute when they existed, but they did. We keep finding their fucking bones everywhere. Is there something else these bones could be?

My big question is: Will kids be able to read a story like Harrison Bergeron with all of these new guidelines in place?

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