29 May, 2003

Want a Burger? Nay!

Texas contemplates making horse slaughterhouses legal. At least if they're exporting their meat to other countries.

Tommy Merritt, R-Longview, was among those voting against HB 1324. He said Tuesday it had been pitched as a pro-business, anti-government interference measure, but his gut feeling was it's wrong for Texas to support horse consumption.

"That was the right vote," he said of his opposition. "The issue is, my daughter has a horse; my family has always had horses of some kind. I voted on the side of the families and the horses."

Well, don't mess with Little Lord Fauntleroy's horses!

Longview attorney Kelly Heitkamp, a member of the Texas Humane Legislation Network, said the demand for horse meat is increasing in French, Belgian, Japanese and German markets with the European spread of hoof and mouth disease. And while dead horses are rendered into many products, the live horses brought to the slaughterhouses often are well-bred since they produce the best steaks.

"Today, as you and I sit on the phone, there's a horse being slaughtered," Heitkamp said. "And there's going to be another one after that. This goes on every day, and people are so numb to it, because they don't have to see it."

He, dumbass! Guess what? As I sit at this computer, dozens of cows are being slaughtered. After that, thousands more. And that's just today. What the hell makes horses so damn special? Oh, that's right...rich people own them.


  1. no, no, no. it's because the french eat them. therefore it must be wrong.

  2. But the French eat them with mayo, here in America we eat 'em with ketchup, or catsup!

  3. Yet again, misquoted to serve your pupose. I've NEVER spoken with the author of this article. How sad to have to fabricate rather than actually do the research.