30 May, 2003

What What What?

Microsoft to pay AOL $750M

The two companies also set a seven-year licensing agreement that allows AOL Time Warner to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer browsing technology in its flagship Internet service provider service without having to pay royalties. AOL Time Warner is the parent of CNN/Money.

First off: "flagship Internet service provider service". You'll have to excuse me, but I need to stop by the automatic ATM machine, enter my personal PIN number, so that I can withdraw money to pay for my ISP service. Dimwits. It's called proofreading. Look into it.

Secondly: YOU FUCKING OWN NETSCAPE! You already have a browser that you can include with your service, royalty free, without having to negotiate with Microsoft. What is the fucking point of doing this, besides showing the world exactly why you have several billion dollars of debt?

Way to go, morons. I salute your incompetence, and am thankful that I do not own any of your stock.

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