13 June, 2003

A Good Business Plan

Oh goody, the war came in under budget. Or as one person puts it:

"The business plan for the war was roughly as successful as the military plan," Mitch Daniels said in an interview last week before he left the administration after two years as budget director. "The projections look pretty darn good."

The business plan?? Is this a war or a corporation? Is there some PHB running around, making up business plans, missions statements and the government vision?

How did they keep the costs down, you ask?

Planners had earmarked $489 million to put out as many as 500 oil well fires that Iraqis might ignite. Fewer than 10 wells were set ablaze, which cost about $5 million to extinguish the fires and repair damage.

Raise your hand if you think that remaining $484M is going back into the general fund, and not some government contractor's pocket.

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