03 June, 2003

Personal Responsibility

Good to see the US legal system being used for such noble purposes.

First off, fat woman sues city, because she fell through a grave in a cemetary.

Dorothy VerValen of Kalilspell, Montana, says she was using her car keys to scrape moss off the lettering on the tombstone, when the decaying wood coffin collapsed beneath her. Her right foot sank 30 inches into the grave of Harry L. Smith, who died in 1943.

Somehow, this is the fault of the city of Sultan, WA. Apparently, they need to replace everyone's coffin in a regular manner, to prevent wood rot from causing an accident.

And in more litigious fun, a Nebraska family is suing Ford and Firestone because, get this, their daughter was murdered after stopping to change a flat tire.

The Wayne State College freshman stopped along the road to change a flat tire early on April 29, 2000.

Richard Cook, of Omaha, picked up Stahlecker and later shot and killed her. Cook was convicted of first-degree murder, and is serving a life sentence.

Stahlecker's parents claimed that a Firestone tire failed on the 1997 Ford Explorer driven by their daughter, setting off the events that would end in her murder.

Too bad she didn't run out of gas. Exxon-Mobil has tons of money just sitting around!

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