13 June, 2003


A judge in New York City has temporarily blocked TNN from changing it's name to Spike TV. All because Spike Lee seems to think everyone will associate the name with him.

Quick poll: When you heard about Spike TV (which might have been right now), what did you think of?

  • Spike Lee
  • Spike Jonze
  • Spike/Willam the Bloody from 'Buffy'
  • Henry 'Spike' Lee
  • Any of the multitude of meanings for spike found in the dictionary
  • Other: _________

Seriously, just because a handful of people in New York City think of Spike Lee, doesn't make a universal absolute. I know, I know...that's hard to comprehend. "New York City isn't the socio-political center of the world?" I'll give everyone a change to regain their balance, as I'm sure I've just thrown their mindset out of whack.

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