23 June, 2003

The Eye

The Eye (Jian Gui), directed by the Pang brothers.

Mun (Lee Sin-je) is your average woman living in Hong Kong. Well, okay, your average blind woman living in Hong Kong. She does the usual things: Crosses the street. Plays the violin. Goes home to her empty apartment every night. You know, the usual things blind people do. However, tomorrow is special for Mun. For Dr. Lo is going to give her the gift of sight, via some lovely, if slightly used, corneas. However, there's a catch.

There's always a fucking catch, right?

The previous owner of the corneas used to have visions. The kind of visions that really fuck with your mind. Because she could see The Shadows (think: Grim Reaper Lite) getting ready to help people shuffle off the mortal coil. Not only that, she got to see the spirits of the people who died unnatural deaths, who are wandering around the earth, trying to get away.

And lucky Mun, she gets the visions too.

Which is especially disturbing, coming from the whole blind thing. I mean, think about it. You've spent 20+ years blind, you get your sight back, and not three days later you see a ghostly apparition licking a bunch of meat hanging from the ceiling in a restuarant. Ewwww. Who knows where that non-corporeal tongue has been?

Naturally, Mun thinks she's going crazy. Her psychotherapist, Dr. Lo (not to be confused with the Dr. Lo who did the transplant...they're related, though), agrees. Well, sort of. Then he starts to believe her stories. I don't know exactly why. Maybe he's just the type to want to believe in paranormal activity.

So Dr. Lo (the psych) goes to Dr. Lo (the surgeon), in an attempt to get the previous cornea owner's medical records. Dr. Lo (the surgeon) says "hell no, I have ethics". And furthermore, Dr. Lo (the psych) must be crazy to believe all this stuff. After affirming that yes, he does believe, Dr. Lo (the psych) gets the records from Dr. Lo (the surgeon).

I'm still kind of fuzzy on why Dr. Lo (the surgeon) gave up the records. Oh well, it advances the plot.

I would like to include the fact that Mun's psychotherapist was in no way Bruce Willis, the psychotherapist-type person from the Sixth Sense. Just wanted to point out that they really aren't the same movies or anything. Also, another major difference is that Mun is quite cute. Not in the way that people think Haley Joel Osmet is, but more of how Winona Ryder is cute. You know...in the sense of being female.

And well, if you want to know what happens next, go see the damn movie. It's well worth it. A little shlocky at times, but overall a good horror/suspense movie. (The Shlockly Horror Picture Show, maybe?)

(Okay, I'll shut up about that.)

Anyways....8 out 10. Stars.
Or popcorn buckets.
Or thumbs.
Or breasts.
Whatever you want to use as the scale.

I would also like to add that one of the directors is named Oxide Pang Chun, which now ties Hans Blix as coolest name ever.

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