30 July, 2003

Oh Damn

J.Lo and Affleck: We Will Never Work Together Again

Superstar couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are so distraught at the critical backlash to their movie Gigli that they have vowed never to work together again. Sources close to the twosome - who met and fell in love on the set of the gangster comedy - say that although in public they have defended the flick, behind closed doors Latina lovely J.Lo is very upset at the bad press. And the sexy pair believe their incredible fame and the gossip surrounding their upcoming marriage doomed the movie to failure before it was released. A source says, "Ben's brushing it off but J.Lo's taking it personally. They've admitted their relationship is more of a hindrance than a boost to a movie." However, fans will get one more chance to see them sizzle on screen together in Kevin Smith's upcoming movie Jersey Girl, which will be released in February.

The Onion also has an excellent bit about Gigli.

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  1. I'm sure the backlash has nothing to do with crappy acting, absurd plots, trivial character development or anything else. It's obviously a rejection of their "incredible fame".Man, it's bad when people start smoking their own PR crack.