09 July, 2003

That Was Quick

Can you believe it's only been 4 months since I've written about Michael Savage?

MSNBC learns a valuable lesson: hire a hate-filled, homophobic jackass, and eventually he's going to say something incredibly stupid on the air. For you Don & Mike fans interested in what the caller said:

Foster called Savage's show Saturday when Savage was doing what he described as a "schtick" about airline horror stories. Foster started a yarn about someone smoking in a plane's bathroom, and then, in a non sequitur, said,

" 'Don and Mike' should take over your show so you can go to a dentist appointment, because your teeth are really bad."

Wow. Yeah, definitely worth spewing forth your bile and getting fired, Savage. Bwahahahaha.


  1. The thing that bugs me, personally, is that everyone *knew* Savage was a homophobic, right-wing, sewer-spewing hate-monger---that's why they HIRED him in the first place. I suspect this was just an excuse, as he had crappy ratings. Now he's even appologized. I'm so touched.

  2. Heh. Some "apology". He begins by saying he was the victim of a "setup". He claims to have "many listeners in the gay community" (some of his best friends are gay!) He claims he didn't know he was on the air when he said the things he said.

    When he finally *does* apologize (in the last sentence of the second paragraph), it's a back-handed insult: He doesn't apologize for his own actions, he apologizes for the 'reaction' to his comments.