24 July, 2003

The More Things Change

So I'm talking to this guy who works in my organization, and it turns out we both attended Virginia Tech. At one point, he's talking about the horror of his first year at school (about five years before I got there):

Him: "My very first class, I'm in McBryde 100. This room holds more people than my high school."

[McBryde 100 is frickin' huge, people. 500 person capacity, I believe. Extremely daunting for your average freshman.]

Him: "And of course, I have this real hard-ass for a prof. His students have a 55% failure rate."

Me: "What subject?"

Him: "Chemistry"

Me: Do my Great Carnak impersonation. "I predict....Glanville"

Him: A little surprised "Yeah, that's the one."

Of course, now my fear is that I'm going to get a phone call from him starting out with "Do you like to watch....movies?"

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