21 August, 2003

Never a Good Time to Slack

The University of North Carolina rescinds admission of student after his poor performance during his senior year.

Edmonson, whose 3.8 grade-point average and 1,600 SAT score earlier this year surely helped him gain entrance to Carolina, went into something of an academic tailspin at the end of his senior year. His final GPA slid to a 3.5 after he failed a class and got Cs and at least one D in others.

Yup, that's pretty bad. Well, sort of. I mean, not that a 3.5 final GPA is anything to sneeze at.

But Edmonson and his family have said the July meeting, with associate admissions director Herb Davis, went poorly. They say Davis didn't give Edmonson an adequate opportunity to explain what happened during his senior year, or to detail health problems the student had related to medicine he was taking for attention-deficit disorder.

Uh-huh. Funny how neither his ADD or the medication for the ADD previously affected his academic work.

"I frankly think that his 1600 [SAT] score was being held against him, that even with his lofty score, they can teach him a lesson," Hurley said Tuesday. "I just think there's some arrogance going on here, some bureaucratic arrogance."

The only lesson that they're teaching him is that you have to continue working hard if you want to succeed in life. The average SAT score of incoming freshmen at UNC is 1,267...I somehow don't think the admissions office was either overtly impressed or jealous of this kid's 1600.

Look, this kid just starting slacking off during his final semester of high school. He, as well as his family, needs to accept this. There's nothing particularly wrong with it, because hey, who wants to bust their hump that final semester of high school when they're already accepted to university? Just don't act like someone is out to get you, or that you are at all entitled to go to a particular school.

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