04 August, 2003

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Is it asking too much for a trip to just go right?

Plane was two hours late leaving from BWI, due to inclimate weather out in the Plains states. Two frickin' hours of nothing to do in BWI. With my co-worker who would not just sit the fuck down and wait.

Get to the hotel (the Hyatt Regency, which seems quite nice), and the lady behind the desk says: "Oh, the credit card your company used was only for reserving the rooms...they didn't give authorization to pay for the rooms." Well, gee, great. Good thing I have $450 of available credit on my card, although really, that will be gone by the time I check out on Thursday because of a large check that should clear any day now. So now I've got to get in touch with the FUCKING MORON at my company who doesn't understand how to secure rooms for employees going out of town. And explain to her that she needs to call the Hyatt and authorize that credit card to purchase the room. Because otherwise, I'm going to be in deep shit with someone come Thursday.

(And if this woman had just said, in her e-mail to me last week, that I would have to pay for the room, and would be reimbursed, I would have grudgingly accepted, and made other financial plans for the remainder of the month. As it is, I made the mistake of assuming I would actually have that money in my bank account. La la la. Silly James, stop thinking things like that!)

Quoth Homer: So. Much. Rage.

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