26 August, 2003

So What's the Point?

Beaufort County district limits poor grades

High school students in Beaufort County will have a chance this school year to pass a class no matter how poorly they do in the first semester.

District officials have implemented a new policy that says first-semester grades can't drop any lower than 62 on a 100 point scale.

Let me get this straight...I'm back in high school, taking Algebra. I work hard during the Fall Semester, and come out with a 93 average. Good for me. But some slacker, who doesn't give a flying fuck about the class, doesn't pay attention, doesn't do homework, and probably annoys the people sitting around him, will automatically get a 62 for the semester, even if he earned a 20.

What kind of fucked up world is that? Do the administrators of this school really want to see Harrison Bergeron become reality?

I'm sorry that we have kids failing classes. It would truly be a wonderful place if no one scored below a C, and every single person earned those grades. Just imagine legions of smart, inquisitive high school students going out into the world, hopefully carrying on their education in college, and making a big difference in how this country runs.

Well you know what? That's not going to happen. People are going to fail. All we can do is attempt to properly fund our schools, provide the highest quality educators and make every attempt possible to instill knowledge into the minds of our children. It certainly isn't an easy job, and nor should it be. Teaching and learning are a challenge. And if the only way a child is going to learn is through failure, then so be it.

And if you really think this is a good plan, I leave you with this thought: Why not extend the program to medical schools?

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  1. Now now, you wouldn't want to stunt the social growth of these children by making them face up to their failures, would you? You horrible man.