07 September, 2003

Bring a Camera

I really need to learn to carry my camera around with me. Or I just need to buy one of those super-small cameras to have around for emergencies.

In this case, my emergency was being down in Adams Morgan for some kind of street festival this afternoon. My friend and I had just left some shi-shi furniture store and started to wander back towards the vender booths. When all of the sudden, just to the left, is the biggest, scariest ass-crack I have ever seen, maybe 20 metres away.

Actually, it's probably in the best interest of my readers that I didn't have a camera with me. Because of course my morbid fascination with something so disgusting would have compelled me to post the picture right here. And that, gentle viewers, would not have been a happy site for you all. Especially those of you reading this first thing in the morning.

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