24 September, 2003

Cheeseburger Fries

As if Americans don't eat enough fat and meat, the National Cattlemen's Beef Association has decided we need a new appetizer: cheeseburger fries.

Meet cheeseburger fries, a deep fried mixture of ground beef, cheese and breading that tastes, well, like a cheeseburger.

I can hear Homer Simpson drooling already.

But the snack, like any deep-fried food, is no friend to the dieter. Each fry packs about 75 calories and four grams of fat, with most restaurants serving up five fries at a time.

Which is fine...if that's your meal. Well, okay, also a salad or something like that to go with it. However, I can already see the typical fatass ordering half-a-dozen cheeseburger fries, to hold off starvation until a real burger is prepared.

But until recently, no major chains had bitten. That changed when Ram International -- which has Ram brew pubs in Rosemont, Schaumburg and Wheeling -- agreed to add cheeseburger fries to their menus within the next few months.

I'm not quite certain that I can agree with their definition of a "major chain". What the fuck are Ram brew pubs? And where the hell are Rosemont, Schaumburg and Wheeling? (I'm guessing Illinois, but still, not exactly in the pantheon of great American cities.)

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  1. Schaumburg Wheeling and Rosemont are in Illinois. Located just outside Chicago the third biggest city in the country. Great? maybe Chicago is not great or trand setting, but it is a huge market.