23 September, 2003

The Worst

In the grand tradition of useless lists, here is current (as of 09/23/03) 100 worst movies, as judged by IMDB's users, and whether or not I've seen them:


  1. I think it should be required that we not be able to list any movie that's newer than say, 2000. Until it's had a few years to age, you can't even begin to appreciate how bad some of these movies are.

  2. Gigli. Crossroads. Glitter.Unlike wine, suck doesn't need to age to be truly appreciated.

  3. Eh, I agree with Petrilli here -- I have a feeling that a lot of the votes for Gigli or Glitter were by people who'd never actually seen the movie, but hopped on because bashing these movies is fun and easy.Conversely, anyone who actually remembers Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold probably had to actually suffer through it. I'm reasonably proud to say that I've only seen four of the movies on the list (65, 69, 76, 96), and in my defense, that last one I was paid to sit through (I was chaperoning a group of kids that day.) I've seen bits and pieces of 92 and 32 flipping through channels, but never watched them. Finally, who else is surprised that Ishtar *didn't* make the list?