03 September, 2003

Title #669

Things like this just make me sad:

Malaysian minister: 'Lipstick invites rape'
A controversial leader of Malaysia's Islamist opposition party, the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party, has been criticised by women's groups for saying that wearing perfume and lipstick could arouse men and provoke rape.

Although not nearly as much as this:

Baby rape sentence condemned
A judge has provoked anger after a paedophile who took pictures of himself raping a baby was jailed for five years.


He appeared for sentence at the High Court in Dunfermline after pleading guilty last month to raping the baby girl, indecency towards a six-year-old girl and possessing indecent images of children.

I have no idea how British jails are compared to American ones, but I suspect that this sick fuck isn't going to be leaving prison in anything but a bodybag.

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