19 October, 2003

Finding the Loopholes

How is the telemarketing industry dealing with the National Do-Not-Call List? Why, by finding ways around it. Or at least exploring new methods of selling.

Tampa-based Sykes Enterprises Inc., one of the largest calling companies, will try to entice people into calling it by working with direct mail and spam purveyors to bombard consumers with advertising that dangles free vacations and discount DVDs at the other end of a toll-free line, officials said.

Wow. Reminds me of the "old days" when we got catalogues delivered to our house on a regular basis. However, I'm sure this is different...and much more innovative.

Some large companies that use telemarketing extensively have begun experimenting with low-tech alternatives. SBC Communications Inc., for instance, has started in recent months to send salesmen door to door, according to spokesman Michael Coe.

The program, which is being conducted on a trial basis in Michigan, Texas, Ohio and Illinois, does telemarketing one better, he said, because "it really puts a face on the company." Coe said the program has been "well received."

Holy shit. This has got to be the most original idea I have ever heard! Why the hell didn't anyone think of doing this before? Sending salesmen door to door. Damn. Way to think outside of the box, SBC. I salute you.

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