16 October, 2003

Glorious iTunes

Apple has released iTunes 4.1, including a version for Windows! Hallelujah! I'm particularly happy because before, I was importing all of my music in AAC format on my Powerbook, and saving it to a shared drive on my Windows machine. Which meant that 1) things were slow when updating my iPod, since it had to go over ethernet and 2) I couldn't play the files on my Windows machine. At least this solves the second problem. The first will just have to be something I deal with, unless I decide to buy a firewire card for the PC. Ah well.

And speaking of updates, my little Windows Update service pops up this afternoon, informing me that I have five new security patches to apply to the system. Fine, fine, I think. Just do it so I don't have to worry. A few hours later, as I run iTunes for the first time, it informs me that I should really update my computer to Win2k, Service Pack 4. Huh, that's odd. Thought I did it.

Nope, still at SP3. Huh. You'd think Windows Update would've said something to me about that at some point? So I fire up the dreaded IE and run Windows Update from there. Sure enough, SP4 is on the list of critical patches. So why exactly am I running the update service, if it doesn't pick up a damn critical update?

And on top of that, there are four more updates, not critical, waiting for me. Once again, why have an automatic service that doesn't at least alert me to the existence of these files?

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