21 October, 2003

Rich Girls

For some reason, MTV thinks that America wants to watch yet another reality show. As if subjecting us to the Osbournes and the many clones that have popped up since then hasn't been enough, now we can watch a show about Rich Girls.

Meet Ally Hilfiger and Jaime Gleicher: normal teenagers who enjoy doing normal teenage things like shopping, talking on the phone, and going to the prom. But there's one important difference between them and the rest of us--they're rich. Really, really, really rich. Get a first-hand look at their super-fabulous life when MTV follows two of the wealthiest teens on the planet to see how they spend their mountains of money.

Why, exactly, am I supposed to care one flying FUCK about a couple of snobby rich kids and how they spend their daddies' money? Fuck that and fuck them. Fuck you MTV, while we're at it.

I mean, what could be more fun than watching two kids drop a few thousand dollars in some trendy New York City establishment that was closed down, just for them, while a couple of blocks away, a homeless guy is slowly starving to death? God bless the American dream!

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