04 October, 2003


Philip Morris pays damages to burned girl

Philip Morris USA has settled a lawsuit in the case of a toddler who was severely burned when a cigarette left in a car started a fire, the first time the nation's top cigarette maker has paid damages in a personal injury case.


Shannon was 21 months old at the time of the fire 11 years ago. She was asleep in her car seat when her mother got out for a quick stop at her grandparents' Fort Worth house and left a burning cigarette between the front seats. After about 10 minutes the car was in flames, searing her face, ears, torso and hands -- more than three-fourths of her small body.

How in the fuck is this the fault of Philip Morris? The mother left her damn lit cigarette between the front seats of the car. "Gee, you mean it might be a bad idea to leave a lit cigarette there? How about I just leave a lit match instead?"


Grisham said he sued Philip Morris in 1994 after investigators cited a cigarette as the cause of the blaze and after he learned that the Marlboro 100 and other cigarettes are designed to continue burning down to the filter even when someone is not inhaling.

Yeah, and?! It's called fire. This is what fire does. It keeps going. Please stop rewarding people for being stupid.

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  1. the fact that PM settled rather than allow this to go to trial says volumes about what they're scared of coming out in discovery. and their willingness to settle, regardless of the facts in the particular case, is their own problem.this particular case is stupid, yes. you shouldn't deliberately leave a smoldering cigarette stuck between car seats. but cigarettes are responsible for about 25% of all fire-related deaths, and the industry has fought for years against making their product "fire-safe" (so that it extinguishes if not inhaled).there's more info here.