03 November, 2003


Things I don't need to know:

jgumby314: does anyone really care about their voiceovers?
[witness protection]: not really
[witness protection]: they are probably fake, like the bylines in playboy
jgumby314: heh
[witness protection]: I like bunnies
jgumby314: only the bylines are fake?
[witness protection]: and i like to think about guys getting off lookin a the magazine

Update: I had completely forgotten about the earlier part of our conversation, after I sent a link regarding legislation to ban mercury-filled thermometers in our state:

[witness protection]: well too many babies were getting broken glass & mercury enemas
jgumby314: damn stupid parents!
[witness protection]: damn babies with their super strong sphincters!
jgumby314: i had no idea
[witness protection]: you could choke a cat with one of those things
jgumby314: i'm not sure i want to know how you know this.
jgumby314: sicky

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