24 November, 2003

They Really Are Different

The rich really are different than you and me (unless you happen to be rich, naturally). Take, for instance, these two:

The couple plan to put Freya, who was born in September, in the gorilla enclosure at Howletts Zoo near Canterbury, Kent.

They will then let her be carried off by the female of the group.

Neither parent has any qualms about letting their daughter be taken off despite five keepers being killed by animals at Howletts and its sister park, Port Lympne, since 1980.

And here I thought Jacko dangling his kid over a balcony was bad. I mean, yeah, odds are the kid will be fine. These two have done the same thing with their other two children. But damn, after awhile, the odds in your favor of success start to fall. Do you really want to gamble with your child's life like that?

On the other hand, it might just mean one less rich child in the world to deal with.

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