05 December, 2003

Counterfeit Terrorism

Intellectual property piracy is form of terrorism: WIPO chief

"Piracy is like terrorism today and it exists everywhere and it is a very dangerous phenomenon."

Idris described how he had heard of children dying after using counterfeit baby shampoo and warned of the potentially disastrous consequences of relying on machines that had been made using an illicitly duplicated model.

Last month, the World Health Organisation said that up to 25 percent of medicines consumed in developing nations were believed to be counterfeit or substandard, and it warned they could be useless, harmful or even deadly.

So, by the logic employed by WIPO, any company that produces a faulty product, or one that later turns out to be deadly, is committing an act of terrorism. Sweet. I think the anti-tobacco groups have a new tactic in their war against smoking. Or am I jumping too far with my thinking?

Link via bIPlog

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