03 December, 2003

Petty, Much?

So, WMATA puts up an ad for a pro-marijuana group in some of their PSA space. Now, Rep. Ernest Istook of Okalahoma wants to punish them for doing so.

The ad showed a man carrying a tanned blonde in a short white dress, the two of them set against the azure sky of some tropical retreat. Under the picture appeared the declaration: "Enjoy better sex! Legalize and Tax Marijuana."

Whoa! Pretty controversial!

In a Nov. 10 letter to Jim Graham, chairman of the Metro board, Istook called the ad "shocking" and said the board had "exercised the poorest possible judgment, so I must assure that [Metro] will learn the proper lessons from this experience and will only accept appropriate ads in the future."

Istook was later heard saying: "Vee haf vays of makeen you behayf!"

"Metro is using taxpayer facilities to promote illegal activity," said Micah Swafford, Istook's press secretary. She said the congressman was unavailable for comment.

Illegal activity? This group is basically petitioning to change an existing law. Last I checked, we as Americans can do that sort of thing. Has it suddenty become illegal? Hell, they're doing so pretty fucking peacefully, at that. No massive demonstrations. No hippies smoking up in front of the National Monument. What's the problem with a poster?

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  1. What's even more amazing is that Metro went to it's lawyers to see what to do, and was told they had to accept it. The Boston transport agency is currently in a 3+ year suit over the exact same ad group. I'm sure that'll waste a LOT more money.