20 January, 2004

Staying Healthy

Bush administration challenges science in obesity report

The WHO report recommends eating more fruits and vegetables and limiting fats and salt. It also suggests governments limit food advertising aimed at children and encourage their citizens to eat healthier foods. Taxes and subsidies could be used to reduce the price of healthy food and make them more attractive to consumers, the report said.

Shit, you mean they don't recommend that I eat more fatty cuts of beef and french fries? I knew I was doing something wrong with my diet!

Steiger said in his letter that the WHO report did not adequately address an individual's responsibility to balance one's diet with one's physical activities, and objected to singling out specific types of foods, such as those high in fat and sugar.

Yes, because heaven forfend that someone single out fat and sugar as causes of obesity. I mean really, what skimpy evidence could they possibly have that fat and sugar are related to obesity?

Link via the Big Picnic.

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  1. steiger's an interesting one. it always cracked me up when he made cell phone calls during the treaty negotiations and held his hand over his mouth and the phone.... so that no one could read his lips.oh, and did you know he's bush's (not w, daddy bush) godson?