23 January, 2004

What if I Wasn't Here!

Abortion Protest Draws Thousands

Abortion opponents from across the United States, bundled up in thick coats, scarves and hats in windy, chilly weather, rallied at the Ellipse south of the White House before marching past the Capitol to the Supreme Court building, holding signs that read "Face it -- abortion kills" and "What if your mother chose abortion?"

Other important philosophical questions that might be posed:

  • What if my mother had drunk a fifth of whiskey every day?
  • What if my mother had fallen from the top of a three-storey building?
  • What if dad had worn a condom at the time of my conception?
  • What if my grandfather had drowned as a small boy?
  • What if Columbus had actually figured out his ass from a hole in the ground and sailed to India, instead of stumbling on America?
  • Et cetera

Look, a lot of things happened before you were born that could have very easily made it so that you don't exist.

If my mother chose abortion, then I wouldn't be here. I would have never existed. And, quite frankly, I wouldn't even be aware of that fact. I just never would have been. It's not like aborted foetuses continue to exist in some kind of unworldly limbo for the rest of eternity, fully aware of the choice their mother made.

I think these people have watched It's a Wonderful Life one too many times. You are not George Bailey. Your non-existence would not cause all of Western society to crumble to the ground.

"Each of us has a special dignity, a place and purpose in this world," Bush said in his call shortly after the start of the noon rally, as people gathered around the loudspeakers on the grassy Ellipse to listen. "And in the Declaration of Independence, our founders stated this self-evident truth: The right to life does not come from government, it comes from the Creator of life." [Emphasis mine]

I would just like to say, I will not listen to a fucking sermon on the beauty of life and how we are endowed with it by our Creator, from the former governor of fucking TEXAS, a state that executes the mentally retarded! Do the anti-abortion supporters not see the hypocrsiy in that?

"Teens today are very smart," Gibbs said. "About one in three or four pregnancies ends in abortion in the United States. Those are not good odds. Kids are looking at the science and at the reality of who's not there and what could have been."

Right. Because you know, we just don't have enough people in this country or on this planet right now. Quick! Have more babies. The earth is dangerously underpopulated!

There's a saying that I think sums everything up quite well: Don't like abortions? Then don't have one. Amen!

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