04 February, 2004

It's a Match!

According to this Presidential Match Guide (from the nice people at either AOL or CNN...not quite certain), my best candidate matches are:

  1. Kuchinich at 100%
  2. Kerry at 99%
  3. Dean at 98%

Link via The Big Picnic


  1. Strangely all of the Democrats except Lieberman were a better than 90% match for me, but the tops wereDean 100%
    Kerry 95%
    Kucinich 95% Sharpton 93%
    Clark 92%
    Edwards 91%
    Lieberman 84%
    Bush 41%

  2. I'm actually a bit blown away by GWB's high showing. And Sharpton's:) The quiz was okay, but not fine grained enough by a long shot. Still fun.8. GWB 68% match
    7. Lieberman 88%
    6. Edwards 88%
    5. Clark 94%
    4. Dean 96%
    3. Kucinich 96%
    2. Kerry 97%And the winner, with a 100% ranking:1. Al Sharpton 100%

  3. Wow. Am I the only person who scored a 0% match with Bush? (Honestly, I wasn't trying for a zero!) Kucinich: 100%
    Sharpton: 86%
    Kerry: 82%
    Dean: 77%
    Edwards: 75%
    Clark: 73%
    Bush: 0%I have a few nitpicks here -- Kucinich's voting record is less pro-choice than I'd like; he's definitely not a "100%" match. I also favor Clark over Edwards. Some of the questions were misleading as well -- one item, for example, read "Limit Malpractice Suits Against Doctors, Insurers". I oppose limitations on people's rights to sue their medical practitioners, but I support ceilings on the amount of damages that can be awarded. The item specifically mentioned "suits" and not "damages", but I'm not sure that was what was intended.

    In any case, it was fun -- thanks for the link.

  4. Sharpton 100%
    Kerry/Dean/Kucinich/Edwards/Clark mid 90's%
    Bush 43%I have to agree with Heath. The questions are really misleading. Such as the how important are these to you questions. Crime/Education as the same one. What? Well, even though Sharpton came out on top in the questionaire, I am still pulling for either Kerry/Dean/Edwards/Clark as candidate for 04'.