03 February, 2004

Lord Buckley in Concert

Cover of "Lord Buckley in Concert"Title: Lord Buckley in Concert
Artist: Lord Buckley


  1. I am seeking a copy of Lord Buckley's version of Black Cross from his Lord buckley In Concert Album

  2. I wonder if you can help me? I have recently inherited quite a vast jazz collection (vinyl) from my late father in law and amongst this is "The Parabolic Revelations of the Late Lord Buckley" on the Nonesuch Records label. The condition of this album is excellent (considering its age) and I am not sure whether this has an value?

    I can only find around four references to this on the web, and no copies appear to be for sale on any collectors sites, so I have no way to compare this to other copies?

    Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards
    Penny Franks

  3. Sadly, all I have of Lord Buckley is "Lord Buckley in Concert", the MP3s of which I have taken off the site. I suspect that while your copy of "Revealations" might not be terribly valuable to the general public, that there is surely a subset of record collectors out there who will pay top dollar for what you have, especially if it's in good condition. I would suggest searching eBay to see if other copies of Lord Buckley's works are being sold, and what sort of price they are fetching. You might also try Google (or your favorite search engine) and look for record collectors and sellers, since they will have a much better idea of what your record is worth.

  4. i'll vouch for the fact that
    'the parabolic revelations of the late lord buckley'
    is hard to find

    i guess it's worth whatever somebody is prepared to pay for it.

    i can only go so high
    but i'd certainly be in the market if you
    decide to sell it penny

  5. I'm still having huge problems and dilemmas - can't find any price reference for this at all! Gina - just read your reply, what do you consider "so high"?
    Confused of the UK here!

  6. hello penny

    i apologise for my delay in replying
    i'm surprised lord buckley's vinyls
    don't figure more significantly
    in record collector catalogues

    i could certainly go to £100
    but there might be others out
    there who would go higher