29 March, 2004

The Little Guys

Woody Loses Court Battle (from Movie & TV News @ IMdb.com):

Veteran filmmaker Woody Allen has lost a six year legal battle, after the New York State court dismissed efforts to halt the construction of a building site. Manhattan maverick Allen had been part of a group of wealthy Upper East Side New Yorkers - called the Citi Neighbors Coalition Of Historic Carnegie Hill - who filed a lawsuit against the city's Landmarks Preservation Commission. The protest organization wanted building on the 10 story development to stop, because they say it ruins their upmarket neighborhood. But Thursday, the court ruled the lawsuit was irrelevant as the building was nearly completed. A spokesperson for the Citi Neighbors says, "I just feel so emotional because we're just the little guys, and we lost. There's that old saying, 'You can't fight the city.'" Allen was unavailable for comment. The apartments which start at $7.8 million will be finished in June this year.

"Just the little guys", huh? Wow. I mean, unless Woody Allen is the only person in your group with any money and fame, you all need to shut the fuck up. And somehow, I doubt this is the case.

And really, how badly can an building full of $7.8M apartments drag down your property values and otherwise ruin your neighborhood? It's not exactly a rent-controlled slum going up.

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