01 March, 2004

Today's News

Viagra 'not effective on women' - Researchers speculate that the results of the study might be attributed to the average woman's lack of a penis.

Pop star in ski mask prompts concern in US supermarket - "We were concerned that he had maybe gone cookoo for Cocoa Puffs...turns out, it was just Michael Jackson."

Atkins 'can put you in bad mood' - To hell with Atkins. I've never met anyone on a diet who's been in a good mood.

Rebels parade in Haiti's capital - A week earlier, and they probably could have gotten beads from the onlookers.

'Hidden danger' of sickle cell - What, as if death wasn't a bad enough danger? Now there's another, more insidious, hidden danger?

Arab Big Brother show suspended - Wow. Can you imagine living in a society where the people can get so fed up with a crappy reality show that they force the broadcaster to take the show off the air? Oh wait, that does sound kind of nice...

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