23 April, 2004

Man on Fire

So Denzel Washington has a new movie coming out (or maybe it came out today...not quite sure), called Man on Fire. Now, not knowing anything about the movie, I really want to see it because of the what the radio ads for it have to say:

Denzel literally sets the screen on fire!

I shit you not, they actually say this on the radio. And I'm stoked to see the movie now. I want to see how Denzel Washington gets into the movie theatre and sets that movie screen on fire. Does he use napalm? Maybe douse the screen in gas and throw a lit match at it? And how does he get to all of those movie theatres to set these fires?

I can only hope that I do not die of smoke inhalation, or that all of the screens in the area have been set on fire before I get a chance to see the movie.

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