02 April, 2004

Money Scam

So I've become accustomed to the Nigerian money scam e-mails, but today, I got a new one:

Dear Friend,

Good day to you. I may have to trouble your sense ofpersonalachievement and reward for an opportunity properlytaken advantageof.

I work for Allied Irish Bank Plc here in Dublin,Ireland. I am arelationship officer and one of my biggest customers was Isam Mattar, aLebanese, now deceased. He had a fixed time deposit with my Bank whichhas matured and remains unclaimed till now. It runs into the value of 24Million Euro.

I knew him so well since he was one of my most performing accounts.However the account opening package of Isam Mattar does not containany next of kin and neither has it been possible to trace any relative ofIsam Mattar. My personal know of Isam Mattar and experience in thebanking industry reveals that such monies remain recycling in the moniesof the bank until finally they may be dissipated as unclaimed funds.

Etc, etc.

Really. If I wanted to throw my money away on an Irishman, I'd take him to the pub and start a tab.

Yeah, I know. There I go, perpetuating a stereotype. What a shock. Just accept it as humor in poor taste and move along. Thanks.

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