08 April, 2004


Man Says Election Sticker Ruined Jacket

A man says election day has left its mark on him and he is not happy about it. Robert Bonoff wants the city to pay for a new suede coat that he said has been ruined by a voting sticker.

Bonoff says the "I voted today" sticker he was handed and asked to wear after voting in the March 2 presidential primary ruined his suede coat.


Stamford Director of Legal Affairs Tom Cassone said Bonoff will not be compensated. The city is not liable for damage caused by stickers handed out at the polls, city-sponsored blood drives or other events, he said.

And more importantly, no one from the city actually put the sticker on his coat. He was handed a sticker and asked to wear it. He could have worn it anywhere. (I myself put those stickers on my laptop or monitor). However, proving that he did not have the common sense doled out to a sack of hammers, Mr. Bonoff affixed it to his fucking suede coat.

So, to summarize the summary: it's your own damn fault for doing it...bitch.

1 comment:

  1. We all knew that the price of freedom could be counted in body bags, but no one anticipated collateral damage to the suede jacket!