25 May, 2004

Journalism or manhunt?

Teacher With Criminal Past Found Teaching In Kentucky

We watched him leave for a local school, where his car sat quietly in the parking lot while he taught children inside. Three area school districts told us that Bennett is a substitute teacher for at least three different schools and none of the school districts knew much about Bennett.

But we do.

The veteran schoolteacher and former principal has a record that includes stalking, extortion and witness tampering. And, for years, his students have accused him of sexual misconduct.

Meanwhile, three school districts in Kentucky decided they didn't need Bennett's substitute teaching services anymore.


Kentucky school officials wouldn't talk on camera either, but they have suspended his teaching certificate there.

We get the sense that he may be heading for Colorado next, and we'll make sure we find out what he's up to.

Okay, so what's worse in this situation:

  • That Tommy Bennet is forging documents and lying about his sordid past, all in the name of acquiring a teaching certificate?
  • That the reporters from WFTV feel the need to play vigilante with this man, and follow him around the country?

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