22 June, 2004

Election Time Is Here, So Drink A Can Of Beer!

Free beer if you register to vote

Here's a way to get young people registered to vote: Give them free beer.

That's the plan at today's East End Festival. Monroe County Democrats have teamed up with High Falls Brewery to offer two free 2-ounce beers to those who register to vote at the festival.


"I think there are other ways to motivate people to vote other than give them alcohol," said Elaine Milton, director of the chemical dependency clinic at the Family Service of Rochester Inc.

Whoa, yeah. That would sure be a nasty alcohol addiction to deal with. "Aw, man, I need a beer. Aren't there any elections around here? Even a primary will do!"


  1. dude, no comments? what's up with that???

  2. I'm guessing it may be a typo in the original article, but if not, I'd show up just to get my hands on some of those 2-ounce beers.

    They'd definitely become collectors items, and in the meantime, I'd have the skankiest Barbie's Dream House ever!